1. Juicebrook 2
    Juice Machine X Willowbrook

  2. Cemetery Dissolver
    Noxious Aux

  3. A Fate-Based Holiday Tape
    A Cassettone Orchestra

  4. Live @ Apartment Music 43
    Vasectomy Party

  5. Boiling Water and Space Lasers
    A Cassettone Orchestra

  6. A Cassettone Orchestra
    A Cassettone Orchestra

  7. Will Rest When Dead
    Su Souse Toulouse en Rouge

  8. Vasectomy Party/Watchable Wildlife
    Vasectomy Party/Watchable Wildlife

  9. Springfield/Trailer
    New Age Hillbilly

  10. Covid-19 Compilation: Recorded Under Quarantine
    Various Artists

  11. Noisetendo Or: Escape From the Cave of Caerbannog and the Horrible Terrors of the Dark
    Black Beast of Arrrghhh

  12. Let Them Go/A Looming Creep
    Rush Falknor

  13. Stained Protocols: Alternates
    Aversion To Reality & Vasectomy Party

  14. Burden

  15. Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge/Vasectomy Party

  16. We Grind People Up and Put Them In The Radio
    Various Artists

  17. Opposite of Icarus

  18. Build The Harsh Noise Wall
    Nexus Monkey

  19. Carnival of Souls
    Burial Ground/Dosis Letalis

  20. Quatro Cinqo & Vasectomy Party
    Quatro Cinqo & Vasectomy Party

  21. The Uh.../Hell Garbage - Split Square 7" Lathe
    Hell Garbage/The Uh...

  22. Cheek Biting/The Haters - Split C41

  23. Heart 2 Heart - Shared Bodies
    Heart 2 Heart

  24. Black Beast of Arrrghhh
    Black Beast of Arrrghhh

  25. Vasectomy Party/Fail - Split 3"
    Vasectomy Party/Fail

  26. 4 way split cassette
    Novasak/Human Fluid Rot/Fail/Vasectomy Party

  27. The Night I Met the Entity/Say Freeze
    Chase Griffin

  28. Fuck the Solar System
    Nexus Monkey

  29. Richard Ramirez/Raven
    Richard Ramirez/Raven

  30. Lost Creek
    Juice Machine with AODL

  31. The Cleaners

  32. Vasectomy Party/Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge - Split 7" lathe
    Vasectomy Party/Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge

  33. Dialtone Aggressor #4
    Dialtone Aggressor

  34. Corporate Metamorphasis Vol.4 C26
    Joel Nobody/Phantasm Nocturnes

  35. Agnes and Peter Make A Sequel In The Sewer
    Brain Bug

  36. J3M5/Demon Sleeper split C30
    J3M5/Demon Sleeper

  37. Hell Garbage/Clandestine Channels Split C12
    Hell Garbage/Clandestine Channels

  38. Live C30

  39. Freezer Burn
    Little Iceland

  40. Grandview Manifesto

  41. Greetings from Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge & Novasak
    Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge/Novasak

  42. Sequencer Works Volume Two c60
    Arvo Zylo

  43. Dialtone Aggressor no.3 - zine

    AODL/Vasectomy Party

  45. il n'y a pas de hors-texte
    Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge

  46. Juice Machine & Andrew Quitter

  47. Mercury in Retrograde
    Black Beast of Arrrghhh

    Vasectomy Party/Novasak

  49. Disconnect
    Mayan Apocalypse

  50. Juice Machine/AODL {split} c22
    Juice Machine/AODL

  51. Hal And The Other Hal From Indiana
    Hal McGee/Vasectomy Party

  52. Nexus Monkey - Project: Albert, Code Name: Nexus Monkey
    Nexus Monkey

  53. Dialtone Aggressor no.2 - Zine
    Various Artists

  54. Cock E.S.P./Ginger Cortes
    Cock E.S.P./Ginger Cortes

  55. Pregnant Spore/Vertonen C10
    Pregnant Spore/Vertonen

  56. Annul / Void / Nothing
    Vomir / Dead Body Collection / Wet Dream Asphyxiation

  57. Dromez/Stress Orphan {split} c20
    Dromez/Stress Orphan

  58. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan/Whitey Alabastard {split} c25
    Breakdancing Ronald Reagan/Whitey Alabastard

  59. v/a {Secrets Are Dangerous Things: A Noise Tribute To Twin Peaks}
    v/a {Secrets Are Dangerous Things: A Noise Tribute To Twin Peaks}

  60. Zone Tripper/False Flag {split} c18
    Zone Tripper/False Flag

  61. Emil Beaulieau & Raven {Untitled} c25
    Emil Beaulieau & Raven

  62. Extreme Chafing {Sand In My Crack} 3" CD-r

  63. Subversive Intentions {You Can't Win} c55
    Subversive Intentions

  64. Leveret {Furs} c10

  65. Richard Ramirez/Crucifix Eye {split} c32
    Richard Ramirez/Crucifix Eye

  66. Hatred/xFucking Go! And Then Go Fucking Die!x {split} 3" CD-r
    Hatred/xFucking Go! And Then Go Fucking Die!x

  67. Dead Body Collection/Faggot Front {split} 3"
    Dead Body Collection/Faggot Front

  68. Vomir/Hell Garbage {split} 3" CD-r
    Vomir/Hell Garbage

  69. Lovebrrd/Italics {split} 3"

  70. Forecast/Toxic Bliss {split} 3"
    Forecast/Toxic Bliss

  71. Raven/Vasectomy Party {split} 3" CD-r
    Raven/Vasectomy Party

  72. Love Katy - Cinematic & Dramatic
    Love Katy

  73. Dead Body Collection/Raven {4 x c20} Boxset
    Dead Body Collection/Raven

  74. Sleep of Ages/Vasectomy Party {split}
    Sleep of Ages/Vasectomy Party

  75. Ackton.Hesperus. {Ackton.Hesperus.}

  76. Ballerina in Blood/Vasectomy Party {split} 3" CD-R
    Ballerina in Blood/Vasectomy Party

    Zone Tripper

  78. Faker {Blood on My Teeth} c10

  79. Hoggle {False Alarms} 3" CD-R

  80. Lovebrrd&Vasectomy Party {Absurd Existence}

  81. Nascitari/Carrion Black Pit {The Conqueror Worm} c60
    Nascitari/Carrion Black Pit

  82. Nascitari/Vasectomy Party {split} 7" lathe
    Nascitari/Vasectomy Party

  83. Raven {State of Fear} EP

  84. Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge/Roro Perrot {split} c32
    Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge/Roro Perrot

  85. Vasectomy Party {The Wulfgar Command II} c30
    Vasectomy Party

  86. Vomir/Crucifix Eye {split} c40
    Vomir/Crucifix Eye

  87. Zone Tripper
    Zone Tripper

  88. Zone Tripper {Live @ the Venture Compound}
    Zone Tripper

  89. Crucifix Eye {Yokai} c40
    Crucifix Eye

  90. Nexus Monkey {The Negative Effects of Listening} CD-r
    Nexus Monkey

  91. Vomir/Novasak {split} c20

  92. Saint Petersburg Noise Fest 6: Compilation
    Various Artists

  93. Vasectomy Party/Extreme Chafing {Bacterium Related} c44
    Vasectomy Party/Extreme Chafing

  94. Zone Tripper/Gentleman Ringworm {split} c26
    Zone Tripper/Gentleman Ringworm

  95. Dialtone Aggressor Compilation: Vol.1
    Various Artists

  96. Baptizer/xNephalistx

  97. Copkiller/Roro Perrot {split} c41
    Copkiller/Roro Perrot

  98. Waves Crashing Piano Chords & Tanner Garza {de Sade} c10
    Waves Crashing Piano Chords & Tanner Garza

  99. Vomir {Untitled} c30


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