1. Agnes and Peter Make A Sequel In The Sewer
    Brain Bug

  2. Coporate Metamorphasis Vol.4 C26
    Joel Nobody/Phantasm Nocturnes

  3. Dialtone Aggressor #4
    Dialtone Aggressor

  4. J3M5/Demon Sleeper split C30
    J3M5/Demon Sleeper

  5. Hell Garbage/Clandestine Channels Split C12
    Hell Garbage/Clandestine Channels

  6. Live C30

  7. Freezer Burn
    Little Iceland

  8. Grandview Manifesto

  9. Greetings from Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge & Novasak
    Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge/Novasak

  10. Sequencer Works Volume Two c60
    Arvo Zylo

  11. Dialtone Aggressor no.3 - zine

    AODL/Vasectomy Party

  13. il n'y a pas de hors-texte
    Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge

  14. Juice Machine & Andrew Quitter

  15. Mercury in Retrograde
    Black Beast of Arrrghhh

    Vasectomy Party/Novasak

  17. Disconnect
    Mayan Apocalypse

  18. Juice Machine/AODL {split} c22
    Juice Machine/AODL

  19. Hal And The Other Hal From Indiana
    Hal McGee/Vasectomy Party

  20. Nexus Monkey - Project: Albert, Code Name: Nexus Monkey
    Nexus Monkey

  21. Dialtone Aggressor no.2 - Zine
    Various Artists

  22. Cock E.S.P./Ginger Cortes
    Cock E.S.P./Ginger Cortes

  23. Pregnant Spore/Vertonen C10
    Pregnant Spore/Vertonen

  24. Annul / Void / Nothing
    Vomir / Dead Body Collection / Wet Dream Asphyxiation

  25. Dromez/Stress Orphan {split} c20
    Dromez/Stress Orphan

  26. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan/Whitey Alabastard {split} c25
    Breakdancing Ronald Reagan/Whitey Alabastard

  27. v/a {Secrets Are Dangerous Things: A Noise Tribute To Twin Peaks}
    v/a {Secrets Are Dangerous Things: A Noise Tribute To Twin Peaks}

  28. Zone Tripper/False Flag {split} c18
    Zone Tripper/False Flag

  29. Emil Beaulieau & Raven {Untitled} c25
    Emil Beaulieau & Raven

  30. Extreme Chafing {Sand In My Crack} 3" CD-r

  31. Subversive Intentions {You Can't Win} c55
    Subversive Intentions

  32. Leveret {Furs} c10

  33. Richard Ramirez/Crucifix Eye {split} c32
    Richard Ramirez/Crucifix Eye

  34. Hatred/xFucking Go! And Then Go Fucking Die!x {split} 3" CD-r
    Hatred/xFucking Go! And Then Go Fucking Die!x

  35. Dead Body Collection/Faggot Front {split} 3"
    Dead Body Collection/Faggot Front

  36. Vomir/Hell Garbage {split} 3" CD-r
    Vomir/Hell Garbage

  37. Lovebrrd/Italics {split} 3"

  38. Forecast/Toxic Bliss {split} 3"
    Forecast/Toxic Bliss

  39. Raven/Vasectomy Party {split} 3" CD-r
    Raven/Vasectomy Party

  40. Love Katy - Cinematic & Dramatic
    Love Katy

  41. Dead Body Collection/Raven {4 x c20} Boxset
    Dead Body Collection/Raven

  42. Sleep of Ages/Vasectomy Party {split}
    Sleep of Ages/Vasectomy Party

  43. Ackton.Hesperus. {Ackton.Hesperus.}

  44. Ballerina in Blood/Vasectomy Party {split} 3" CD-R
    Ballerina in Blood/Vasectomy Party

    Zone Tripper

  46. Faker {Blood on My Teeth} c10

  47. Hoggle {False Alarms} 3" CD-R

  48. Lovebrrd&Vasectomy Party {Absurd Existence}

  49. Nascitari/Carrion Black Pit {The Conqueror Worm} c60
    Nascitari/Carrion Black Pit

  50. Nascitari/Vasectomy Party {split} 7" lathe
    Nascitari/Vasectomy Party

  51. Raven {State of Fear} EP

  52. Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge/Roro Perrot {split} c32
    Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge/Roro Perrot

  53. Vasectomy Party {The Wulfgar Command II} c30
    Vasectomy Party

  54. Vomir {Untitled} c30

  55. Vomir/Crucifix Eye {split} c40
    Vomir/Crucifix Eye

  56. Zone Tripper
    Zone Tripper

  57. Zone Tripper {Live @ the Venture Compound}
    Zone Tripper

  58. Crucifix Eye {Yokai} c40
    Crucifix Eye

  59. Nexus Monkey {The Negative Effects of Listening} CD-r
    Nexus Monkey

  60. Vomir/Novasak {split} c20

  61. Saint Petersburg Noise Fest 6: Compilation
    Various Artists

  62. Vasectomy Party/Extreme Chafing {Bacterium Related} c44
    Vasectomy Party/Extreme Chafing

  63. Zone Tripper/Gentleman Ringworm {split} c26
    Zone Tripper/Gentleman Ringworm

  64. Dialtone Aggressor Compilation: Vol.1
    Various Artists

  65. Baptizer/xNephalistx

  66. Copkiller/Roro Perrot {split} c41
    Copkiller/Roro Perrot

  67. Waves Crashing Piano Chords & Tanner Garza {de Sade} c10
    Waves Crashing Piano Chords & Tanner Garza


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